Ray spent 40 years providing information on chemical,
biological, and radiological personal protection in the
emergency management field as a Civil Defense Director,
Civilian Disaster Preparedness Officer for the U.S. Air Force,
and as Federal Emergency Coordinator. He provided CBR
expertise and support to five U.S. presidents.

    New Release

    A new president is sworn into office just as an
    attack is initiated to overthrow the government
    of the United States of America. An arm of a
    religious group of American Muslims, within its
    borders, have risen up and instigated a jihadi
    movement to claim their prize...another Muslim

    Having spread across the U.S. landscape and
    settling in private communities, they not only
    infiltrated the land but government positions
    along with holding other powerful offices.

    Who do we trust within our ranks to take on this
    fight to preserve the freedom of America?
Ray Derby
Author of terrorism/suspense novels
Copyright © 2018 - Ray Derby
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