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Not since Tom Clancy’s early U.S. military techno-thrillers has anything
come along to parallel the incredible, fast-moving suspense of this first-
time novelist.

The great strength of Ray Derby’s storyline is that he professionally
understands from first-hand experience, as few others do, the
developing new age terror of chemical and biological weapons in the
hands of terrorists, the large public threat they pose to the United
States and other nations in the 21st Century and of the dedicated
people trying to protect us from them.

His story has attained more credibility and verisimilitude since the
events of September 11, 2001 has made the unthinkable now the
reality in this new age of international terrorism.
Shadow Government is one of those rare works of which it is honestly
said – I couldn’t put it down.

Former U.S.M.C. paramilitary officer in the Vietnam War and Publisher,
Times Community Newspapers
Sometimes fiction is used for escapism - adventuring on the high seas
with a band of cutthroat pirates, or walking the surface of some distant
planet. Sometimes it is used for wish fulfillment- being able to leap tall
buildings in a single bound, or pilot an X-wing fighter down through the
trenches to destroy the Death Star. However, sometimes, as is the case I
think with “The Shadow Government” by Ray Derby, it is a thinly veiled
cover for what he knows is actually either going on, or could well be
coming up, in our world today, and that scares me.

I know since 9/11 every time you turn on the TV or pick up a paper,
there seems that there is some new attack about to be leveled against
the United States. I am not the first to say that these are troubled times
we live in, nor will I be the last. We go up on the alert chart to a color we
have never been at before, and everyone panics, then when nothing
happens, we drop back down, breathe a sigh of relief, hug our children
closer, and go back about our lives. However, what if they lowered the
alert too soon? What if the attack is so silent, so secretive that we have
no inside knowledge of it at all until it is too late? No missiles, no bombs,
but attacked by weapons of a biological nature that can kill most of our
citizens in days, showing no trace of violence left behind. Warfare upon
this country that is apocalyptic in its devastation, and far reaching in its
ramification. The thought, troubling as it might be, lends itself to a
compelling thriller that I could not put down. Oh, I tried believe me, I tried.
I mean, this story actually bothered me, it seemed so real, but I found
myself being drawn back like a moth to a flame until I had to finish.
They always say, whoever ‘they’ are, that a writer writes best when it
comes to something he knows about, and boy is that evident here.
Author Ray Derby has been in the center of the beltway of D.C, under
five presidents, providing information on chemical, biological, and
radiological personal protection. He has been with the Civil Defense in a
high level capacity, and a Federal Emergency Coordinator. It is hard for
me to believe that this is the first novel he has written, it reads like the
work of a Master at the Craft. His situations genuinely compelling and
believable, his plots and action truly spellbinding, and the storyline
moves at such a pace that the few seconds it takes to turn a page was
agony. He has created characters that I cared about, and found myself
on more than one occasion, commenting out loud over what I had just
read. Luckily, there was no one else around at the time.

I don’t know if it is the timing of the novel or just the fact that it is so darn
good, but Mr. Derby is on his way to being one of the big names of
political thrillers if there is any justice in this world, and it will be an honor
bestowed upon him that is richly and rightfully deserved. If you like edge
of the seat white knuckle page turning thrillers that will keep you not only
guessing but wanting more, then I implore you to pick up this book. It is
one of the most well written thrillers of its type I have ever read, and my
highest recommendation goes out to this novel.
Remember the name, “The Shadow Government” by Ray Derby. Buy it,
read it, but most of all, pray it is just fiction-for all of our sakes.

...Mohr Reviews
“The Shadow Government”
A Novel by Ray Derby
Published by iUniverse
5220 S. 16th St. Suite 200
Lincoln, NE 68512
ISBN # 0-595-23468-2
The Shadow Government
This excellent book should be required reading for every American
citizen. Mr. Derby has the magic of drawing the reader into the action he
has created. His credentials in the emergency management field
reveals, in a realistic manner, how each community could easily find
itself on the verge of destruction. This book is Terrorism in action....and
how the American spirit can survive...freedom is the standard. Meet the
spirit of America exemplified by the characters of Norm Shepard and
Nate Sems. Rich reading full of characters you want to know.

...Morgan Book Reviews
This review is from: The Shadow Government

After an incident with US Senator McBride, Norm Shepard left the
marines to become a railroad brakeman and fish in the Potomac.
While heading to a spot to fish, he notices two other fishermen, but
when he walks past them, they shoot him in the back. He manages to
escape to the nearby road where Major General McKay gets him to a

McKay is concerned where this shooting occurred so he assigns long
time civil servant Ross Chambers and his emergency management
team to investigate. Evelyn Pace and Jim Woods interview Norm; they
return to their superior Ross with grave concerns that the two
wannabe killers were monitoring weather conditions, which could mean
an NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) attack on the capital. While
Norm is recalled to active duty, the response team begins activation of
Project Bluelight, THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT project to keep the
government operational during a crippling emergency. The ideal
solution is that they must stop rogue terrorists from causing a
pandemic incident of mass destruction.

Though terrorists employ clever deadly ruses as they value life less
than radioactive waste, THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT highlights what
is a major fear of many people: weapons of mass destruction (ask the
President and his psychological advisors). The story line is a powerful
thriller that looks at what a government can do to continue to lead
even when calamity reaches biblical proportions. Though the small
insets focusing on the terrorists seem more distracting than revealing,
readers will feel they won the Triple Crown with Ray Derby's
compelling tale of counterterrorism.

...Harriet Klausner, Klausner Reviews
Mr. Derby in his book demonstrates that he sure knows what he is
doing.  I think it could do very well in its genre of futurist mystery
fiction.  So I say, run with it.  It's a good read.

...Sam Sharkey, former professor at Columbia University Graduate
School of Journalism, former editor of news for NBC and former head
of the New York Times national news desk.
This review is from: Bradley's Ghost
I just finished the most fantastic book, BRADLEY'S GHOST.  Bradley's
Ghost isn't a good book, it is a GREAT book! This would be a great
movie. This would be a REALLY great movie. If you are tired of the
same old plot by the usual authors, you should make the effort to
track down Ray Derby's Bradley's Ghost. Bradley's Ghost is as
multidimensional as they come. He has several character groups
woven through the action packed adventure that is so real you will
think you were watching the evening news. Even his cameo characters
"pop" with personality. This is NOT a book to loan -- tell your friends to
get their own book! This one is a keeper!

...Nadine Laman Books LLC, Author (Arizona)