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As promised, I did read your novel "The Shadow Government."  I share your concerns over the threat of biological
weapons and hope that is a situation our country never has to face.  Fiction has become reality, especially the last
few months.
...Frank R. Wolf, Virginia Congressman
I spend a lot of my time reading and found your style of writing most enjoyable.  A lot of books start out rather
readable then have flat dull pages and then picks up  a bit and then more flat and dull.  Yours did not.  Instead it
was exciting from beginning to end.  If it doesn't become a best seller and stay there, I will be very surprised. -
Shadow Government.

...Mrs Lila Ash, wife of the Honorable Roy Ash, former director of the President's Office of Management and
certainly enjoyed reading it.  I read an article written by Louis L'Amour that stated "if you can't capture your
reader by the first page you have lost him."  You not only capture but you don't release until the very last word on
the very last page.  -
Bradley's Ghost.

...Mrs Lila Ash, wife of the Honorable Roy Ash, former director of the President's Office of Management and
Mr. Derby has created an exciting read within a spectacular scenario.  By means of the novel, he has publicized
the lack of continuity of government(s) in time of crisis; a problem exacerbated with the apparent lessening of
world tension at the end of the Cold War.  In Canada, we have converted our continuity of government facilities
into museums.  As Mr. Derby demonstrates, we are less prepared now to face a major terrorist threat than we
were a decade ago.

...Mike Charrier (Retired), Emergency Preparedness Canada
I just finished reading Mr. Derby's novel, "The Shadow Government," and all I can say is WOW, what a trip!  It
was good! Believe me, I wouldn't have book of my favorite author if it doesn't hold my interest.  If I had received
your book on a weekend, I would have finished it in one night.  I felt so patriotic, I cried.  I was scared
too--because I know that just such an event can happen and may in my lifetime.  Did I love the way your
President Bea handled our enemies! I hope your book is a best seller and it scares our enemies!

...Sheila Hensley, Professional Speech Therapist
I thoroughly enjoyed your book, Bradley's Ghost...there were times that it scared me so badly that I had to put it equals any Koontz or King books that I have ever read.

...Nada (VA)
I enjoyed your first book.  I would rate it as one of the top ten fiction reads I have read and I have been reading
fiction for 25 years.  Just got Bradley's hardly wait to get started.

...Robert (Winchester,VA)
I found the story was compelling and well written. Once I started reading, I was unable to put the book down.
The idea of biological terrorism in the US, and our unpreparedness is the thing nightmares are made of. I
believe the book was right on, with how this not only could happen, but the results that would follow. I enjoyed
Mr. Derby's knowledge not only of the surroundings, but the people that he wrote about. His knowledge of the
subject, was chilling.

I honestly believe that Mr. Derby could be compared to other authors of this genre, and come out smelling like
a rose.  I for one, will be looking for more written by Ray Derby in the future.

... Betheny (Missouri)
This review is from: Bradley's Ghost
Lost a nights sleep with this thriller. Couldn't put it down. It is believable in our world of today, and that is
scary. The worst thing about the book is you hate to have finished it. This author writes as good as the best
well know authors of the day.

...Robert Edwards (New Cumberland, Pa)
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