True Short Stories
Ray Derby
Author of Terrorism/Suspense Novels
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    As visitors go missing in our national
    parks, a dog named Queenie causes
    the  discovery of a plot while helping in
    the search to find her family. The
    search team finds a vast hidden
    underground facility filled with bicycles
    and motorcycles, hundreds and
    hundreds of them.

    An investigation of these occurrences
    take on an urgency when it's found that
    a large group of individuals have
    infiltrated U.S. law enforcement
    agencies at all levels, political
    positions, and federal services,
    shielding their identities until they can
    initiate their destructive plan.
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    I was born in Sioux City, Iowa. After enlisting in the U.S. Navy, I was fortunate to travel and flew
    around the world in seven days. I began my career in emergency management as a civilian,
    raising four children, and working for several federal agencies. Over the years, many people have
    asked why I chose this profession, and I always give the same answer. If I could save one life, it
    would all be worth it. What I did not say was that I was out to save thousands of lives if a major
    disaster should occur. I have never regretted the path I chose. It was a remarkable career that led
    me right to the steps of the White House.

    I now live in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia with my wife and man's best friend...Lady
    Samantha. I continue to write and find myself busier now than when I had a nine-to-five job even
    though I was on standby all the time. I find deep satisfaction in writing and hope you enjoy my
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