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A new president is sworn into office just as an attack is initiated to overthrow the government of the United States of America. An arm of a religious group of American Muslims, within its borders, have risen up and instigated a jihadi movement to claim their prize…another Muslim state. Having spread across the U.S. landscape and settling in private communities, they not only infiltrated the land but government positions, holding powerful offices. Who do we trust within our ranks to take on this fight to preserve the freedom of America?

Wendy received a warning that the country was in grave danger from a terrorist attack by an unknown enemy. What she did not know was the threat was factual and the terrorist group intended to use a biological agent to destroy the United States. When she realized the magnitude of the threat, she assigned two young Marines to track down this group and when they are located to destroy them before they can act.

Standing inside the underground cavern, John Newman marvels at the awesome sight, the largest and most-sophisticated emergency operation facility in the country. This resource would enhance the ability of the government to continue to operate if a major crisis should occur. The project would shortly be complete and the United States Continuity of Government programs and federal staffs would soon occupy the facility. His role as the architect was almost finished.
President Wilcox’s covert visit to the site and an act of nature suddenly changes Newman’s role from architect to rescuer and protector. The president no longer has the ability to protect against nor expose an imminent threat to the United States that only he suspects. Outside forces, determined that the president will not survive, plan to throw the nation into chaos. Newman is just as determined that it will not happen on his watch.

Bradley’s Ghost is a compelling story of one man’s quest to track down those responsible for attempting to alter or destroy the fabric of the American culture. When FBI Agent Bill Bradley is assigned to investigate the crash of North Central Flight 321 on the Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota, he is confronted with the irrefutable fact that eighty-seven passengers on board have disappeared. And, if it is to be believed, they disappeared one by one in a bluish flash of flames. These events lead Bradley through a maze of deceit at the highest levels of our government, a biological attack on our citizens, and a desperate endeavor to find those responsible. And only Bradley’s ghost can provide the answers.

The Shadow Government is a spell-binding novel depicting a true-to-life picture of what the future may hold as the world moves into the 21st Century. When Norm Shepard, a former Marine, is found shot in the back only minutes away from the nation’s capital, this sets into motion an investigation that reveals a chilling discovery. The terrorists are already here; not only in Washington, D.C. but throughout the U.S., the plan is set, and the biological agent is on its way. Emergency meetings are called, but it becomes clear that the U.S. is totally unprepared for a crisis of this magnitude. As the enormity of the threat and its ramifications set in, President Robert Hardy assigns Ross Chambers, an intelligence officer, another mission; the closest guarded secret in Washington…the Bluelight Project. The President, without the knowledge or consent of Congress, has been secretly funding the construction of underground protective relocation facilities. Ross is racing against the clock and the very future of the country is at stake. Either the terrorists are apprehended before they can strike or the Bluelight Project must be fully operational before they do; or there may no longer be a United States of America.


Surveillance: Personal Stories of Unidentified
Flying Objects (UFOs)

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The April Fools Day Nuclear Incident: An incident, considered not possible, happened on April Fools’ day. Our reaction to any emergency call had to be a quick response no matter the belief or skepticism of the situation.

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